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Marketer's Vault - Millionaire Entrepreneur giving away his "marketers vault": only 500 available!

Launch Date: 1/15/2018 | Author: Mark Thompson | OTO: Yes | OTO Bonus: 10% Cash Back

Summary: Mark Thompson is dropping massive knowledge bombs (and he is practically giving it away for free, at a 99% discount). Here are the details of what's included: [1] The Research Machine is Mark's new 48-page hard-copy book that shows how to find buyer-hungry niches full of raving fans. It's his "cheat codes" to make sure you never play the guessing game again of what niche or type of product to create. ($297.00 value) [2] The Profit Machine 55-page book shows you how to create products FAST; Im talking within a week, plus his copy and paste formula for how his team creates consistent 6- and 7-figure launches. ($297.00 value) [3] The Launch Code is my favorite as its Mark's exact behind the scenes formula for create buzzworthy product launches; featuring a free book launch that generated over $887k and a $10 fitness product that sold $475k in just five days. You'll also get instant access to a handful of digital goods: [1] Free PayKickstart Access is a new payment and affiliate management platform we started using, and is COMPLETELY changing the game for any vendor selling a product online. You get a full 30 days for free to test-drive PayKickstart. [2] Lifetime Access to FunnelSpy which is their best-selling spy tool that ethically spies on any website, allowing you to reverse engineer the most profitable funnels with the click of a button. [3] Funnel X-Ray Roundup is an over-the-shoulder walkthrough and summary of 9 of their best-selling product launches, including funnel breakdowns and more!

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Marketer's Vault - Millionaire Entrepreneur giving away his "marketers vault": only 500 available! - [15% Cash Back] PK
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Date Added Jan 14, 2018
Amount 15% cashback / 85% cashback as points

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