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Bubbles - The social proof app that actually works!

Launch Date: 6/23/2018 | Author: absolutelee | OTO: Yes | OTO Bonus: 10% Cash Back

Summary: 'BUBBLES' is our new social proof app that's super easy to use and doesn't create a negative sales environment. Suffice it to say, social proof apps that say stuff like Bill bought whatever ten months ago do more harm than good. So, do social proof apps that screw up images and maps. (Don't get me started about the sanity of displaying who's bought your product without getting their consent first and the new GDPR regulations!) We looked high and low for a social proof app that was both easy to use, didn't create a negative sales environment, and was ethical to use. We didn't find any that suited us, so we did what developers normally do. We created one!

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Bubbles - The social proof app that actually works! - [15% Cash Back] W+
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Date Added Jun 22, 2018
Amount 15% cashback / 85% cashback as points

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