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[PLR] Payment Defender - Prevent Your Paypal From Being Shut Down!

Launch Date: 7/22/2017 | Author: Wealthy PLR | OTO: Yes | OTO Bonus: 10% Cash Back

Summary: In our latest 12-part video series 'Payment Defender' we go through these common practices to keep your Paypal account in good standing. You've probably been reading many stories online where Internet Marketers had their Paypal account limited or frozen overnight. And worse, this usually happens right in the middle of their product launches. This can be really frustrating for many of us. The good news is that it can be prevented. There are some guidelines to follow to stay in good terms with Paypal. These are good practices that every Paypal vendor should know and implement if they want to safeguard their online business.

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[PLR] Payment Defender - Prevent Your Paypal From Being Shut Down! - [15% Cash Back] JVZ
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Date Added Jul 25, 2017
Amount 15% cashback / 85% cashback as points

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