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WP Content Guard - Protect all your site content from theft

Launch Date: 8/03/2017 | Author: emptee | OTO: Yes | OTO Bonus: 10% Cash Back

Summary: This plugin the ONLY all-in-one solution on the market that will fully protect all the of the content on WordPress sites. There's 3 main features: [1] Hotlink Protection: When this feature is activated no one will be able to link directly to files and images hosted on your site. [2] Disable Right-Click: This prevents people from looking at your sites source code and also prevents people from right-clicking on a file download link or image and getting the direct link to "share". [3] Copy & Paste Protection: This prevents people from copying & pasting content from your site and putting it on theirs. Your content will be totally protected. The plugin is super easy to use even for people who are brand new to WordPress.

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WP Content Guard - Protect all your site content from theft - [25% Cash Back] W+
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Date Added Aug 3, 2017
Amount 25% cashback / 75% cashback as points

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